Responsible Foundation Nepal-CSR

Since the inception of our company- Responsible Treks- We have concentrated on integrating and applying the responsible practice to our company ethos. Through practicing responsible tourism, we realized that we can minimize the impact of tourism on the environment and maximize employment. This also generates income opportunities for local communities.

Our Mission- “Travel & Discover: is to travel in a way that conserves the area we visit and brings positive changes to the locals. 

Before the devasting earthquake, Responsible Treks was only working on tourism aspects. Immediately after the Gorkha earthquake on 25 April-2015, our focus was on getting relief to the remote mountain areas. Although our efforts were relatively small the impact very quickly made a major improvement to many victims’ lives. However, our efforts in relied work highlighted how unprepared Nepal was and still is to cope with such a tragedy.

Following our relief efforts and seeing the need to change we have decided to create a Responsible Foundation in Nepal. This Foundation is being created to help in the massive rebuilding and subsequent future development of Nepal. Going forward every trip made through Responsible Treks will help educate and empower the people of the remote Himalayas in Nepal.

We will support and encourage positive change in our homeland. We will concentrate our effort in the following areas:

  • Relief Aid
  • Cultural and Heritage Preservation
  • Education
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Conservation
  • Agro Tourism and Organic Production

Our Partner in Progress: