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Snow Leopard Tracking Trek in Manang

Trekking for Snow Leopards – Ecotourism & Conservation with award Winning Guide
  • Trip Style: RT797
  • Ways to Travel: Guided
  • Activities: Trekking
  • Group Size: 2-12
  • High Altitude 5700 M
Activity Level: Challenging
This trip is challenging trip for your life and adventure
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Trip Overview

Responsible Treks is proud to collaborate with Third Pole Conservancy (TPC) in promoting unique experiences of tracking snow leopards in the Annapurna region of Nepal. We are bringing several years of field experiences of TPC and its field biologist along with Responsible treks decades in the tourism industry for making the trip of the lifetime. TPC has been leading research and conservation on snow leopard in the Annapurna region since 2014. TPC’s field biologist Tashi R. Ghale (a native of the area) brings more than 17 years of experience in wildlife photography in the valley and has sighted snow leopard on 15 occasions. This trip is more than just snow leopard sighting, it will blend science, tourism, and conservation in a unique way for the betterment of snow leopard, its habitat, and the local economy adding steps to sustainable tourism.

Manang valley in the Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal lies in the rain shadow of the Annapurna mountain range and precipitation is low (c. 500 mm). The snow leopard, Himalayan wolf, Golden jackal and Red fox are the only large mammalian predators and the Blue sheep and Himalayan musk deer are the main wild ungulate in the valley. Small mammalian predator includes Pallas’s cat, Beech Marten, Mountain weasel and prey like Pikas and voles. The Manang valley is also rich in large avian diversity. It includes species like the Himalayan griffon, Bearded vulture, and Golden eagle and more.

We offer snow leopard tracking in this valley where snow leopard density is one of the highest in Nepal Himalaya; 5-7 individuals per 100 sq. km. TPC’s camera trapping survey in the valley has captured incredible images of snow leopards enabling them identifying potential hotspots for sightings. Cent percent manual sighting of snow leopard in the field is not promised but the chances of a sighting are very high. Our field guide will take through key snow leopard habitat making ample opportunities of seeing snow leopard signs such as feces, pugmark, and scrape along with a visit to a few of the camera trapping sites where cameras are in operation and can learn about setting camera trapping.

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